Sung Si Kyung Vol.6 [Here in my Heart] Album

February 28, 2009 at 12:56 pm (Sung Si Kyung) (, , )


Vol.6 – Here in my Heart
Language : Korean
Released : June 12, 2008


1. 여기 내 맘속에
2. 어디에도
3. 더 아름다워져
4. 안녕 나의 사랑
5. 잃어버린 것들
6. 그대와 춤을
7. Baby You Are Beautiful
8. 눈부신 고백
9. 사랑하는 일
10. 소풍
11. 당신은 참…

Download ★ [MediaFire]




  1. lia said,

    thank u so much for sharing….u made my day….

  2. binghong1 said,

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! IM FINDING THIS FOR AGES!!!!!!!!!!!! mind uploading other sungshikyung’s album as well~?

  3. Thislove said,

    Amazing album! Thanks!

    Same question as the commentor before me, do you have sung shi kyung’s other albums too?

    That would be wonderful!

  4. Sab said,

    Thanks! been looking for SSK’s albums for quite a bit =D

  5. welachoi said,

    thank you so muchhh~^^

  6. SSK said,

    thank u ^^ i am looking for other albums

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