Lee Seung Gi Vol.3 [Story Of Separation] Album

April 14, 2008 at 9:32 am (Lee Seung Gi) (, , )

Vol.3 – Story Of Separation
Language: Korean
August 16, 2007


01 . 착한거짓말 (Chak han keo jit mal)
02 . 투정 (Tu jeong)
03 . 왜…가니 (Wae… ka ni)
04 . 그랬나요 (Keu raen na yo)
05 . 미치도록 (Mi chi do rok)
06 . 미안해하지 마요 (Mi an hae ha ji ma yo)
07 . 잘못 (Jal mot)
08 . 온도 (On do)
09 . 해피엔딩 (Hae pi en ding)
10 . Smile Boy
11 . 착한거짓말 (Piano Ver.)

Download ★ [MU]

La première chanson est magnifique ! Elle y est dans Mp3 Songs ~.



  1. Stargazer~ said,

    Merci Beaucoup~

    Even though I don’t know French…XD. Je ne…parle…pas…Francais?
    Thanks for uploading it ^__^. I was trying to find it and couldn’t before. I’ll be checking out other stuff too ^__^

  2. Kan said,


    Thank you for uploading this. ^^

  3. Chloe Story said,

    Merci!! merci merci merci beaucoup~ J’aime Seunggi!!
    I’m really grateful that you uploaded all the songs & I’m excited to listen to them all. I’m definitely going to buy his music <3

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