Chan Kwok Fai ( 曾國輝)

December 13, 2007 at 11:35 pm (Chan Kwok Fai) (, , )

Name: Chan Kwok Fai / 曾國輝
Birthdate: 1982
Profession: Singer
Birthplace: Ipoh, Malaysia
Genre: Pop

Language: Mandarin
June 2007


01. Feisty Soul / 騷靈 Soul
02. The Day We Broke Up / 分手那一天
03. Next Piece Of Sky / 下一片天空
04. Don’t Give Up
05. I Won’t Forget / 我不會忘記
06. Greetings To Mom / 媽媽好
07. The One Behind The Moon / 月亮背後的人
08. Crazy Youth / 年少輕狂
09. Love Is Beautiful
10. Who Don’t Want To Be Loved? / 誰都想感到被愛

Download ★ [MU]


1 Comment

  1. Asuka said,

    je ne connait ça non plus^^ je vais agrandir mes connaicences grace à toi! merci! je doit le dl!

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